Genealogy of the Hash House Harriers
Hash House Harriers are a unique breed of people about whom much history has been written. To clearly identify our pedigree it is important that our Genealogy reflects the origins of each HHH Chapter, traced all the way back to the original 'mother' in Kuala Lumpur, which was established late 1938. History of Hash Genealogy provides details of the evolution of HHH Genealogy project itself.

Hash Genealogy is based on 'Matriarchal Lineage' where the mother's line is dominant. The MOTHER of each Chapter is the Chapter which the FATHER (Founder) 'had a liason' with (or rather, 'ran with') prior to its creation. Fellow hashers who assisted the Father in Hash Chapter's creation are considered to be MIDWIVES (Co-founders).

DATA EXPLANATIONS  provides details on naming conventions and data being presented to give you a better understanding of 'what it's all about'.

Much of our Hashing History is incomplete, unverified, or both. Become a Hash Genealogist today and share your knowledge and any documentation you may have relating to the chapter where you have followed trail. UPDATING GENEALOGY page suggests ways in which you might participate.

Check out the GENEALOGY PRESENTATIONS to see the story for all the Hash Chapters that you may know of that we have so far.